Tools for the Documentarian and Birth Photographer

As a documentarian, do you love what you do?

Do you love it so much that you can’t let it go? But you know you can’t keep doing it unless it starts giving TO your family instead of taking AWAY from your family.

Don’t worry babe. This was me, 3 years ago. I love birth work so much, but when my husband started to have to take off of work for me to go to work that wasn’t bringing in as much as his job was- I had to make a decision.

I made the right one.

We took a massive risk, but with my husbands support, he quit his job.

We were scared. I knew that I could build a sustainable business the question was could I build it in time.

We had just had our fifth baby. I was 3 days postpartum when some would call “the baby blue’s” hit me.

I was feeling empty. I felt like my only purpose was to bear children, birth them, sustain them with my body, and repeat.

I had NO IDEA who Lacey was anymore. All I knew was that I was tandem breastfeeding my 3 day old, 2-year-old, and had 2 other younger babes hanging off me, with a teenager begging for some freedom. I was left alone, in my house, with 5 children that never stopped needing me.

But what about me. I was so empty that I was reaching the end quicker rather than later.

If something wasn’t done quick- this had the potential end very badly.

I know you know what I am talking about. You aren’t alone. I’m just not afraid to say it. I needed help. I needed identity. I needed to find my sustenance outside of my babies.

Over the next 12 months, I did so much deep inner work. I began to understand that my business life was a reflection of my personal life. Until I sorted my shit, and deep inner trauma, I wasn’t going to sustain anything.

I learned why I loved this work.
I learned how to perfect my craft.
I learned about what an ideal client was.
I learned how to nail my branding in such a way that it only attracted the families I wanted to work with.
I learned what a target market was and then how to actually target my market!
I learned that how I was feeling that day was a direct reflection of what my images looked like.

Then, I saw a trend in the birth photography world.

No one was making money. 

Because they loved birth they didn’t feel worthy of getting paid for their work. Or their time invested. Or their camera equipment. Or their car tune-ups. Or, anything, really. No one sold products. Was it because as women we feel obligated to serve? Or is it because we have issues accepting money?

I created Exposing Birth Photography to do exactly what it says.


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This course is for you if…

❤️ You’re already a birth worker wanting to expand your services into birth photography – we’ll be covering all the technical bases of shooting births including shooting in small spaces, understanding your camera and growing your confidence to sell your services.

❤️ You’re feeling called to birth photography – maybe you couldn’t find these services when you had your child or you are in awe of the whole birth experience and want to participate fully – this course will allow you to overcome any trauma and be fully present with your clients making you an exceptional birth advocate.

❤️ You’ve shot a few births but you’re scared to death of failing – this course will give you the practical tools to grow your business and become a profitable photographer, face challenges head-on and succeed and deal with any situation you might face in the birth experience.

This is more than a technical course, this is an emotional journey and as such we’ve created an incredible sisterhood to help you along the way.

As well as over 13 hours of content, workbooks and audio files you’ll also be welcomed into our exclusive group where you can ask for feedback, connect with like-minded souls and get all the cheerleading and support that you need.

I’m working on the final touches for this incredible program as we speak with the full course launching on the 31st July – there will be a sneaky preview of the program and how it’ll work available exclusively to VIP registrants so jump on the list right now! I don’t want you to miss a thing!

Lacey, that sounds amazing, but I don’t really need ALL of the content. I need really specific help.


Good thing for you, Masterclasses will be released starting as early as September of 2018. So if you don’t want the group of content, you can just watch exactly the video’s you know you need.

And starting in 2019, you’ll be able to join our MasterMind where you can bounce off of high vibing women that have every intention of being the best damn woman boss they can possibly be. Remember, iron sharpens iron. So it makes sense to elevate your business by being surrounded by like-minded women and professionals. This is only for the highest of vibing, energetic, go-getters, stop-at-nothing kind of women and will be available via application ONLY.