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Birth Photographer offers tools for the documentarian to ensure they are confident and competent in any situation.


Birth Photographer offers a range of e-courses to help you with everything from starting your birth photography business to aiding you in increasing your conversion rates.


Birth Photographer offers custom made presets for each and every situation; including low light, flash, underexposed, and film preset collections.

Our Mission

Birth Photographer is a platform to celebrate the birth community by educating and inspiring birth photographers around the world. We help transform the conversations around birth and grow as a community and scale as businesses. Around the world birth workers are driven to uplevel their businesses, collaborate and submit the disruption through the multitude of our resources.

Our Core Values 


At Birth Photographer, our core values stem from community over competition. We promise to always collaborate.


Poor communication is the root of most problems. We want only the best experience to be had on our platform.


We promise to always treat our members with respect and to continuously model authenticity.


We promise to value and show gratitude each and every single one of you who put your trust in us to provide the best resources.

The Podcast

Birth Photographer is a platform to celebrate the birth community. To educate and inspire. To transform the conversation around birth and grow as a community. Around the world, birth workers are driven to uplevel, collaborate, and submit to the disruption.


be a Master of Low Light.

Imagine walking in to a birth and there are 4 tea light candles, mum is in the bathtub, there are two midwives, dad, grandma and the older sister in the bathroom with mum. There are no other lights on and its 3 am. What do you do? Join our FREE low light micro course to challenge yourself on how and what to do.

Sick of being BANNED on Facebook?

Don’t fret. I always have something new up my sleeve. Introducing Birth Photographer’s very own social media platform. Yup, you read that right…we have our own ‘facebook’. Only, for birth photographers

This means no birth nudity is off limits. NOTHING. Click the image to the right to register for the platform. 

Does your business struggle to be seen?

Let me and my team take care of SEO for you. My gal pal and IT tech nerd Em from Morris Bear Digital has been able to achieve number one of page 1 for ALL THREE of my websites. Yea, she’s that hard core.

We offer a WorldWide Directory for birth photographers to be seen by their ideal clients.

Struggle with Confidence?

Lacey Barratt
Lacey Barratt


Confidence is one of the biggest cripplers to photographers.

“I’m not good enough to charge (that much) yet.” 

I paired up with my confidence coach, Erika Cramer from The Queen of Confidence to bring you the most incredible workshop on how to practise confidence on a daily basis. To register for the FREE workshop, sign up below for instant access. 

Erika Cramer
Erika Cramer

Confidence Coach

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