I like to break the rules.

I’m a bit of a rebel

You know- the kind that puts the sugar in the coffee last just to irk my husband right off.

I like to break the rules.

I believe in breaking the rules.

I also believe in knowing the rules so you know which rules to break.

So why is it that art is art?

Well, that’s up for interpretation. Sort of.

Let me tell you a little secret.

There’s only one rule. There are. no. rules. (Totally just said that in my best John Cleese voice.)

So often we are told no.

No, you can’t do that.

No, that’s not right.

Technically, you shouldn’t do that either.

And each no we are given, our creativity dries a little more. Until it’s so dry, it’s dead. 💀

Ok, so, I lie (there are a few rules- but really- you can still break those rules too- because I mean, why the fuck can’t you?)

We do need to know the basics of the camera function to acquire the best quality video. I’d hardly call it rules- but moreso, science.

So as to avoid the word rules, for the purpose of this course, we are using science. Because science says, if your shutter is open for too long, and your subject is moving quickly, you’re GOING to get motion blur.

But let’s get back to being creative. Because that is what this is about.

For 6 weeks we are talking about


  • Camera settings
  • Stabilisation
  • Storyboards
  • Colour grading


  • Colour grading

  • Audio mixing

  • Choosing music

  • Voice over

Creating a story

  • Creating Stories with tension
  • Transitions
  • Incorporating interviews


Film is not the beginning middle and end of a birth story. Sure, there is a beginning middle and end of the story, but that doesn’t have to be linear. It doesn’t have to be what we consider to be “normal.” Playing and bending time is part of the creative process that enables you to draw in your audience and connect with your subjects in ways a beginning middle and end film could never do.



I want you to give yourself permission to do things in this course sound outlandish. Because who is going to have the balls to tell you it is outlandish? Unless they are giving you money- nothing is outlandish. Because who even made up that fucking word anyway? And who defined what outlandish is?

6 Jam Packed Modules


Module 1

-Creating a story.
-What is a storyboard and why you need one
-What makes up a story and creating tension.

I wanna know what fuels you in artistry and film that has landed you here. (we will be visiting this in multiple sections of the course, not just one module)



Module 2

-Settings and actually shooting 
-and shooting according to your storyboard (or not)


Module 3

-Camera techniques and stabilisation
We are talking super-specialty here. Not fades, and cuts, and blur transitions. I’m showing you how to make your own transitions, how to stabilise with creativity and heaps of techniques to get your creative juices flowing.


Module 4

-Audio + Gear
-Sound effects
-Mixing Audio
-Audio Transitions
-Choosing music

Music makes or breaks a film. Lets learn how to score your film with ease to evoke the emotion you want to evoke from your audience.



Module 5

-Cutting your film in post
-Colour Grading
-using LUTs should you chose them

Remember, cutting your film is the most creative part of the entire process. Cut, chop, copy, paste, flip it, and reverse it. 


Module 6

-putting your film together
-adding audio to a cut film
-exporting your film

Putting all the missing pieces together. Here is where you will create your own film as your final project.

You’ll also get these insane bonuses…

Get listed as a videographer

When you complete the course, you’ll get a free listing in our directory so your potential clients can find you.

Receive our LUT's

You’ll also get a copy of our Intimate Mother LUTs files to make your colour grading a breeze.

Access to our group

When you register for our course, you’ll gain access to our own private group for support and feedback.

Unleash Your Undernourished Creative Genius Below

There are no rules.. What do you have to lose? 


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Oh hey there babe,

For the last 7 years Lacey has not only created a stir with her controversial images promoting womens rights, but she has also cemented herself as one of this country’s most talented and outspoken birth photographers.

Lacey has been known to be unapologetically raw. She encapsulates the depths of the human soul in a single still image. Lacey has even been known to post herself nude up next to Kim Kardashian…why not? Ballsy and emotionally attached, Lacey strives to have women empowered through her imagery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course for?

 The VIP is for 6 weeks live support, live content, and access to the pre-recorded content in the course for lifetime. DIY will have lifetime access to the content.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! If you check out, select pay with Payright, and you can break the payments down into smaller payments!

How do we access the course content?

If you go to student log in the top menu, log in, then go to the other tab, online courses, you will see that Birth in Motion is labled green with “enrolled”. Just click it and enter into the course material!

Is there a time limit to finish the course?

This course was designed to be completed in 6 weeks however you have forever to finish the content. If you would like to utilise your free video directory listing, the course will need to be completed within 12 weeks of enrollment. 

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