Build a Sustainable Birth Photography Business

Without struggling with pricing, competition, and burnout!

This isn’t just another birth photography course about technical skill.

I need for you to forget about your camera for a minute.

If you don’t possess the emotional foundations to make your technical skill sustainable your chances of burn out are high. I mean really high.

Think; what good is it to have amazing, technically sound images, if you can’t book a client or hold space for the mother?

 In this course, we cover both!

This is the only birth photography course you need to feel confident and competent in running a birth photography business…leaving your clients feeling safer and more satisfied and referring you to all of their friends!

The Exposing Birth E-Course will show you…

  • Different camera types, settings and how to use the camera that you have – so that you can start shooting and securing paying clients straight away!
  • How to capture and CREATE incredible light for that perfect shot – that your clients CAN’T resist!
  • How to brand and market yourself, how to grow your business and become the ONLY choice for birth photography – so that you can stop comparing yourself on price and selling yourself short!
  • How to practically shoot and sell your first, fifteenth or fiftieth birth – so that you can confidently and fearlessly sell your services without being sleazy!
  • How to edit, process and package your photography – so that you can cut down on your admin time and get back to your family.
  • How to discover and refine your signature style – so that you’re in LOVE with every edit!
  • Practically shoot, edit and create your dream portfolio – so that you can finally see your contribution and share your work with the world – fearlessly!
  • How to be on call and how this stressful time can work for you and your family – so you can spend more time with your family and less time at work!
  • Managing your self-care and taking time to nourish your soul to support your energy and help you avoid burnout – so you’re a more present mother!
  • Understanding the psychological effects of birth and how to support your clients through this transition – so that you become known for amazing Continuity of care and THE birth photographer
  • How to anticipate the changes and adaptations of birth – so that you can capture and create addictive birth images without fear or overwhelm!
  • You are an active participant of birth and we’ll discuss the perceptions of birth and how to let your mother tell her own story – so that you can avoid my breech birth mistakes and embarrassment!
  • How to understand the health and safety of birth and how to work with birth professionals – so that you know when to step aside, and when to gently grab the mothers hand and ask her “how do you feel about this”
  • How to deal with your own shit and overcoming personal trauma – so that you can celebrate a joyous birth with your mother each and every time (and feel a hell of a lot better within your own life!)
  • How to connect and contribute to your birth community – we’re all about community over competition and the more that we work together the quicker we can change the perceptions of our work.
  • How to work with women and loss, how to support your mother and how to deal with unexpected and emergency situations – so that you can avoid triggering situations and celebrate all birth.

Lacey Barratt is everything you would want out of a photography and business mentor. She is savvy and patient and 100% selfless. Her passion is infectious and when you work with Lacey she gives you every last bit of herself.

I started my business in 2007 but let it take the bench while I followed my husband around the country for his career and took time out to grow our family. This year, after nearing the end of 12 months of maternity leave, I was inspired by a chance encounter with Lacey on the beach in Altona and decided to quit my day job and give my business my all. I signed up for Lacey’s mock births, became a member of her Lacey + Live platform and spent hours upon hours mentoring with her both in person and online. She lifted me up and made me believe in myself, in fact, she accepted no less. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me think outside the box. Within one month of living under Lacey’s wing I had shot my first two births and booked two more for later this year. I had completely revamped my website and increased my prices twice. Then, after speaking with Lacey on entering AIPP awards I decided to do that too. What did I have to lose? Nothing. I entered four images from my very first two birth jobs and three of them went on to win silver awards. Then from the scores those prints had accumulated, I went into the running to win the 2018 AIPP NSW Documentary Professional Photographer of the year…and I won that too. None of this would have been possible without Lacey. She is worth her weight in gold (and some because she’s actually really tiny!). If you are hesitant about your path in birth and documentary photography, hear me now: give yourself just ONE conversation with Lacey and you’ll soon see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Sarah Wid

Owner, Life and Lens Photography

12 Modules. 12 Months. One Certification.

Lifetime Access.


Self Care and Gratitude

Module 1 is the foundation for your business. Built on gratitude and self-care, understanding your wins, no matter how small, so when you win big, you know how to show gratitude and open up for bigger wins.


Physiology of Birth

With Emma Nolan Registered Midwife
Once module 2 is completed you will be competent in physiological birth works, what are emergencies, and how to navigate a surgical birth.



Module 3 goes in depth on various kinds of gear and will provide you with all the information you need to choose the gear that is best suited for you. You will also be competent in the exposure triangle.



Once completing module 4, you will have a clear understanding of physical light, how to create light, and what are our options for light sources.



With Angela Gallo Dynamo Doula Training
You will learn all about how to find your ideal client, where they are hiding, ways you can diversify your offerings, and SELF VALUE. Once you complete this module you feel confident to charge what you need to charge to survive no matter how intimidating it might feel like.


Perceptions of Birth

In this module, you will learn the emotional foundations of dealing with vicarious trauma, working through your own trauma, and unpacking the generational perceptions of what we were taught about birth.


Imagery and Art

With Elliana Allon.
Elliana takes us on a beautiful journey throughout Rome and teaches us about different art mediums and how that applies to us in photography. (This is students FAVOURITE module!)


Working With Other Birth Professionals

With Ally ACM Registered Midwife
In this module, you have the competency in birth etiquette when working with other birth professionals in the birth space ie midwives, OB’s etc. At the end of the module you will receive a template I personally use to send to OB’s that frequently gains me entry into theatre.


Loss and Emergencies

With Libby Moloney, Wholistic Funeral Director and Educator
Libby teaches us about death literacy and how we can apply that language to our everyday lives to enable us to be ready for any situation anywhere- in or outside of birth. When you finish this module, you will feel confident walking into any birth, knowing you possess the skills needed to document and emotionally withstand anything happens in a birth space.



Once module 10 is completed you will know your way around Lightroom, how to import, save, story, and back up your images, edit clean edits, read a histogram, and use isolated brush tools as well as colour correct galleries for consistency.


Branding and Sales

With Kate Atkins, Atkins Pro Lab
Kate teaches you exactly how to pull out your brand’s quirks and encapsulate them into something irresistible to your ideal client. You’ll be able to create a unique brand that speaks to your people.



With Sheridon Byrne, LGBQTI+, Chinelle Rojas Birth United, Women of Colour
After completion of module 12, you will possess the skills needed to keep your business inclusive without tokenising a certain person based on socioeconomics, race, colour, or background.


Exit Portfolio

A submission of a 20 image portfolio to be approved for certification by Lacey Barratt. 
This module not only is a fitting conclusion to Exposing Birth but it’s also a perfect chance to revisit where you started this journey and how far you’ve come.


Bonus - Confidence

With Erika Cramer
Erika walks through cutting bullshit and how to stop people pleasing to make sure that you are doing what you want without others permission.

Who is Lacey Barratt?

Lacey is a birth photographer, doula, and videographer. In between documenting births for her personal clients, Lacey dedicates her time to creating killer content for other birth photographers to help them create the thriving and sustainable business of their dreams.

Lacey is also an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), a part of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, Birth Photographers Australia, and Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project by Leilani Rogers #PBAP. More recently, she has started her own campaign #humansuncensored to help desexualise human bodies, men and women alike.

Lacey has been recognised locally for the impact that her imagery has made on her community. She was nominated as a finalist for the “Fair Go” Pride of Australia Medal in 2014. She has also been interviewed by NT News, ABC Radio, Positive Birth Movement Melbourne, and has spoken to a group of women about the “love yourself” campaign- loving your body postpartum, through the Office of Woman’s Advancement NT. She is an avid lover of birth, breastfeeding, and babywearing.

In 2015 Lacey was awarded NT Documentary Photographer of the Year 2015.

AIPP VPPY 2016 Lacey submitted 8 entries with 6 of them being awarded. Lacey was awarded the EPSON AIPP VPPY Documentary Photographer of the Year 2016 making her a multi-award winning Professional Photographer.

The other day I was struggling with feelings of resentment towards being thrown into the bog of the eternal stench of solo parenting my 6 children. Specifically the fact that I don’t get any time away from my 4yr old & 2yr old to work on my business.
I knew I had to change something but had no idea how or what. At the time I was desperate to not feel trapped or limited by my situation any longer. I posted in my local Earth Mother’s Facebook group asking if any pregnant mums would allow me to photograph their birth for my portfolio. Not expecting to get much of a response because birth photography isn’t really a thing in my small town yet. Literally had no idea how I could possibly make it work without a babysitter but still told the universe clearly what I wanted.

THEN Lacey’s birth photography course popped up all over my newsfeed. I love the shit out of Lacey and instantly signed up for her webinar. Right away I knew I was going to do this course. I ALMOST hesitated to purchase, knowing that part of Lacey’s success is due to her husband staying home with their kids. Who would watch my kids while I ran out the door to a birth? How can I justify spending this money when I could use it for a million other things my kids need? All money blocks and upper limits I needed to smash if I wanted to change my life. I said out loud to myself “fuck it, I don’t need a husband at home, I’ve overcome so much on my own already, I’ll make this work somehow” and clicked purchase, ACTIONING my manifestation to the universe.

THE SAME DAY I received a heap of comments on my post looking for a pregnant mum for my birth portfolio. One mum messaged me saying she is due in 6 weeks and having a home birth! You really don’t come across many home births in my town at all, and as a fellow home birthing mum this message made me jump out of my skin in excitement! I booked her in straight away.
2 hours later my sister in law messaged me saying SHE WILL WATCH MY KIDS WHENEVER I NEED! She just moved in with her boyfriend around the corner from me and is happy to babysit and be on call. I was ugly crying wondering how this is even real life. And shaking from all the caffeine I’d consumed but mostly overwhelmed that my dream can finally become a reality.
Why did I spend so much time and energy worrying about how I was going to make this work, instead of just going for it and working the rest out later?
My kids are spending the day with her today while I smash out some website work and prepare to launch my new Signature Set of Lightroom Presets. It is freaking incredible being able to work without distractions or interruptions.

Whether you believe in manifesting or the stars aligning or whatever, there is definitely something powerful about setting your intentions and actioning them.

I am so freaking pumped to start Lacey’s course.

Steph Jordan


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  • Business From Scratch- 8 Week Start-Up e-course


Payment plan

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x 2 Monthly Payments

All Prices in AUD

  • Lifetime access to the Exposing Birth Photography e-course
  • Certificate and badge upon completion to display in your office and on your website/email footer/letterhead (within 12 months)
  • 1 bonus module on confidence
  • Access to an exclusive invitation-only Facebook group with a community of like-minded women
  • 1x 6 pack Digital Desktop Organiser
  • Business From Scratch- 8 Week Start-Up e-course


Extended Payment plan

x 4 Monthly Payments


x 4 Monthly Payments

All Prices in AUD

  • Lifetime access to the Exposing Birth Photography e-course
  • Certificate and badge upon completion to display in your office and on your website/email footer/letterhead (within 12 months)
  • 1 bonus module on confidence
  • Access to an exclusive invitation-only Facebook group with a community of like-minded women
  • 1x 6 pack Digital Desktop Organiser
  • Business From Scratch- 8 Week Start-Up e-course

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