Payment for your membership to Lacey Barratt + LIVE is available via two easy options. You can choose to pay via two equal fortnightly payments or upon joining you can pay in full.
If you choose the two payment option please be aware that if your second payment is missed this will result in immediate dismissal with no refund for your initial payment instalment.
It should be noted that this billing system is automated and thus your subscription will renew automatically at the end of your last billing day of the year; ie if you pay on the 1st June 2017 your next years subscription will be charged on 1st June 2018.
As all details of the course and it’s inclusions are outlined on the home page, and you are purchasing a product that is digital in nature, no refunds will be given for change of mind or incorrect purchasing so please ensure you have made the correct purchase before clicking buy.
Of course if you have questions you need answering to ensure this course is the right fit for your brand, I encourage you to email me for further information.
Code of Conduct:
As a participant of Lacey Barratt + LIVE you agree to abide by my brands code of conduct and understand that any breeches of this code will result in your instant dismissal from the course with NO REFUND.
Lacey Barratt + LIVE is a place of learning, and sharing of sensitive material and whilst opinions are welcome please be respectful.
Lacey Barratt + LIVE is a place of inclusivity and acceptance and it is expected that your behaviour reflects this during online and face to face interactions.
Therefore, the following will not be tolerated:
Discrimination of any kind.
Derogatory comments pertaining to anything against others.
Bullying or abuse of any kind.
Sharing of posts, images, screenshots. Sharing links to my YouTube channel. These links are unlisted to protect their content and my intellectual property. Anyone found sharing links to my YouTube channel will be immediately dismissed without warning.
You have chosen to learn in a supportive, uplifting space, please keep this in mind when interacting with others.
I, Lacey Barratt, will be going live every Monday or Friday therefore members should be checking in to the website for new content fortnightly and are encouraged to join the Lacey Barratt + LIVE Facebook group to participate in daily posts.
If you attend a workshop in person, you may use any images taken for portfolio use only in order to obtain business.
They may not be used for branding or rebranding your business, and may not be redistributed for the purpose of learning, teaching, commercial use or the like.
If you purchase an online only ticket, or membership where there is no face to face attendance, you are able to edit images only and may not use any images provided to you for portfolio use. I, Lacey Barratt retain copyright of all images taken by myself.
Here at Lacey Barratt + LIVE we take your privacy and the security of your personal information very seriously. Your privacy is my absolute priority and will be respected at all times.
To ensure I uphold this promise, emails, credit card information, addresses and all personal information is encrypted and never shared with third party. Because it is encrypted, even I cannot access that information.
Length of Term:
A term is identified as a period of 12 months. At the end of your term (12 months) you will be automatically billed again though Paypal as outlined under Payments. Any questions please contact me.
Your membership can be cancelled at any time via PAYPAL. Please note that any early cancellations will NOT receive a prorated refund.
By purchasing a membership to Lacey Barratt + LIVE, you are agreeing to be bound by a Non-Compete meaning you agree NOT take my content and resell it. This includes the style, presentation, and immediate written content. Anyone found in breech of this will be pursued legally without warning. This does not mean you are unable to mentor. This means that you are unable to repackage my content and include it in your own mentoring/workshop programs. Let this content inspire you to create something far cooler than what I have.
All information within Lacey Barratt + LIVE is given freely on on behalf of Lacey Barratt with the purpose of the betterment of the member – you the photographer.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any way, form or fashion. This includes but is not limited to contracts, website, web design and course content.
Anyone found plagiarising any part of the Lacey Barratt + LIVE format or content will be pursued legally.
I, Lacey Barratt reserve the right to dismiss anyone not compliant with these terms and conditions at any time with out warning and with out refund. These terms and conditions exist to ensure the exclusivity of the product I provide you and there will be no warnings given if you are found to have not complied with the terms set out.